Temple Zion Baptist Church Ministries


We want you to feel connected at Temple Zion! That connection happens as you get to know the people and the staff at the church. But beyond that, it happens as you find your own special place to serve the Lord and make a difference in the lives of others. We have many ministries in the church to serve those who attend our church services, but many also provide ways in which you can play a part in serving others.

Youth Ministry

Our ministry strategy for the youth at Temple Zion Baptist Church is to:


  • - Develop disciples (fully devoted Christ followers)

  • - Develop their heart for serving others

  • - Develop their heart for missions

  • - Provide leadership training and experiences to prepare them to be leaders now and in the future

  • - Provide opportunities for fellowship

  • - Provide & support intergenerational experiences with parents, grandparents & other church members

Mission Statement

Temple Zion Couples’ Ministry seeks to equip, empower and unite couples in helping to build a strong Christian marriage which have been divinely instituted by God. We believe that marriage is the exclusive, covenantal union of one man and one woman, which union was designed by God. This ministry challenges couples to make a commitment of building a long lasting, loving relationship. This ministry is open to married
and engaged couples.

Prayer Ministry

Couples Ministry

Prayer Ministry- equips the church to become a House of Prayer for all nations, releasing God’s power for all occasions.   Works to transform lives by through prayer.

Women's Ministry


 Women's Ministry- is a dynamic group of women reaching out to other women and young girls in our church and community to empower them in their service for the Lord. 

Deaconess Ministry -co-serves with the Deacons in

addressing the needs of the membership. This

ministry assists with communion preparation,

baptismal candidates.

Deacon Ministry

The T.O.P.S MINISTRY (Treating Our Public Servants) whose goal is to bridge the gap between public servants and the communities they serve. To meet this goal, we have committed to support our public servants with simple acts of love and kindness; to engage our membership in prayer for both the spiritual and physical well-being of these public servants and to pray for the Lord’s guidance as they carry out their duties.

Deacons Ministry- serves as armor bearer and

supporter to the Pastor by being alert to the spiritual

needs of the congregation, promoting unity within the

church, and facilitating the spread of the gospel.

The church ushers greet members, visitors, help to create and establish a positive atmosphere for all who enter the church's sanctuary.


Vacation Bible School-is a ministry for all ages that incorporates fun,
crafts and recreation with the study of God’s word.

Formerly know as Sunday School…Christian Life Today will promote the lifelong learning of God’s word and  provide a foundation for Christian living, growth & development into mature discipleship, Christian education & training.

Pastor's Aide Ministry

The Bible Club Ministry equips youth in our church and the surrounding community with the opportunity to encounter God and to grow in spiritual maturity.

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry assists by serving as caretakers of the Pastor and his family. Their goal is to provide service to the Pastor; ensuring that he is fully equipped, prepared and able to fulfill his responsibilities in leading the congregation.  The ministry provides support to the Pastor and his family whether it be in the form of prayer, encouragement through words, or other actions that show their love and gratitude to the pastoral family.   

Audio & Media Ministry- ministry bring the public’s awareness of the ministry and church events taking place at Temple Zion by way of all media avenues. The audio ministry records church services for later listening on CD and the church website, . The goal is to spread the good news of Christ the Savior through the spoken word. 

Audio/Media Ministry

Music Ministry

Senior Adult Ministry

The Music Ministry is a unique blend of voices of all ages, accompanied by several symphonic musical instruments, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.  Music that encourages believers in their walk with Christ, leading the congregation in worship and providing an avenue through which individuals may share their gift and be an integral part of the worship service.

The goal of the Senior Adult Ministry is to provide a comprehensive ministry that continues to reach Senior Adults, to enhance their lives, to encourage them to grow in the Lord, and to challenge them to serve the Lord with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength. The Senior Adult Ministry would be for anyone at least fifty years of age, retired, grandparents, or anyone else who wants to come.  WE ARE COMMITTED TO FELLOWSHIP AND TO HELPING OTHERS, FOR HIS SAKE.".   

New Members Orientation Ministry

The New Member Orientation Class

is designed to help seamlessly

integrate new and returning

members into the church family.   

We believe that "discipleship"

is what the Lord requires, and this is

our goal, therefore, to see that each

new member is taught the core beliefs

of Christianity and acquaint them with genetic make-up of Temple Zion Baptist Church. 

We provide the tools for you/them

to access a firm foundation on which

to build, and is established in the Word

of God so he/she can grow in Christ Jesus.



The goal of the

Nursery Ministry

is to provide a

welcoming and

nurturing atmosphere for our youth, ages newborn to 4 yrs.; children of our members and visitors.  The nursery curriculum is geared to exposing their young minds to know Jesus, be thankful to him for all our blessings, and to follow Jesus’ example by loving all.

As stewards of God’s children, we are responsible for helping children grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually; and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are accountable for providing an environment in which children are safe. 

Children’s Church is offered Sundays, except Youth (3rd) Sundays, for ages 5 – 12 to experience an interactive Bible lesson. The children participate in the morning worship service with their family until the offertory, then they join their teacher for Children's Church.

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