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Christian Education no longer fixates on the traditional Sunday school but has gone beyond the scope of this conventional teaching method. Sunday School has taken on a new “look”, renamed Christian Living Today, this approach applies the Bible teachings to today’s living. Other classes are available to those desiring to strengthen their faith and Christian walk.

Christian Life Today - formerly know as Sunday School, promotes the lifelong learning of God’s word and  provide a foundation for Christian living, growth & development into mature discipleship, Christian education & training.

New Members Orientation - a class designed to orient new members to the Christian fellowship here at Temple Zion while examining and discussing ways to serve and support the church’s vision statement.  

Survival Kit  - this course will provide resources, strategies, tips, and tools for New Believers.  You will learn and start new habits that will help you live as Jesus wants you to while growing spiritually. New Believers will be equipped with a survival kit that will help them win the fight against sin.

MasterLife - provides a more advanced in depth study of discipleship.  Through a developmental, small-group discipleship process participants will develop a life-long, obedient relationship with Christ.  

Vacation Bible School -  a program whose primarily focus  is  on church and community youth;  incorporating themed activities that entertain kids while providing the opportunity to learn about God.  VBS is not only for the youth but an adult class is also held, running concurrently. 

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